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After years of watching small business owners struggle to find time to run your business, grow it, and still make time for a personal life, one thing is clear to us; you deserve better. That is why we have made it our mission to provide you with web design solutions that will allow you to run your business effectively without giving up your life. Contact us today to see how a SmallBox Design can help you get more for your time.

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Your business website deserves a professional touch. Our web design experts will help you decide the look, function, and feel you want for your website and discuss the best way to make it a reality.

Online Presence

Online Presence

Your SmallBox design will include everything needed to help you establish a strong internet presence. This includes developing content, sitemaps, and tags that will help position you on search engines such as Google and organically increase web traffic to your site.

Print Presence

Print Presence

A great website design deserves print materials to match. Whether you need business cards, brochures, or mailers, our designers can create print media that works perfectly with your online business profile.

Solutions Built For You

Built For You

Your business is unique and you shouldn’t expect anything less from your website. No matter how common or rare your products or services are, your website is built to meet the needs of your individual business.

We all start “small”

No matter how small your business is, finding a web design solution that works is a priority. The SmallBox way is simple; we take your passion for your business and turn it into a strong online presence.

SmallBox Designs was created as an answer to the growing pressure for small business owners to do it all. We understand how important providing personal service is to you, and our goal is to help you bring that personal touch to the digital world in a way that increases your revenue while cutting down on your time. Our small group of highly talented experts in the field of web design and development will create attractive and polished designs that fit your budget. At SmallBox Designs, perfection is not hindered by practicality. Instead, they work together to create a solution that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to further discover the big things you can achieve with Smallbox Designs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the SmallBox process?

    A: Our initial consultation starts with us discussing your goals for your website and determining the best way to maximize its value. Our designers then create initial mockups for you to review. After you select a design, we get to work building your fully functional website. It’s that simple!

  • Q: What are your prices?

    A: Because each business has different needs, our rates for web design will vary based on the type of functionality your business requires. However, we mainly work with small businesses and we keep our rates reasonable to accommodate them.

  • Q: Does SmallBox Designs handle ongoing maintenance?

    A: We sure do! Letting us handle content updates or general backend maintenance on your website will be a great time saver for you in the long run. We can work out a service plan that will be separate from the initial design cost.

  • Q: Is SmallBox Designs a small business?

    A: Yes, we are a small business based in Michigan.

  • Q: Why should I pay for a professional website?

    A: We believe that making the best use of your time means making sure everyone on your team is playing to their strengths. Our strength is web design, and by hiring us you are allowing yourself to invest your time where it will be best spent. Think of it this way; would you try to build your own physical storefront on your own, or would you hire someone skilled in construction to ensure it is built properly? Naturally, you would hire someone to build it. In the same way, a website requires more than just basic web design knowledge in order to be built effectively and correctly. Hiring a professional will save you time and money in the long term, and can also help you attract customers more quickly.


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